JaxCorp is the payment processing and Blockchain technologies branch of JMH. Since JaxCorp is always striving for new innovations in this industry, JaxCorp is always on the cutting edge. The goal at JaxCorp is to revolutionize the payment systems around the world with a secure, scalable and decentralized payment solution that we predict countless people around the world will adopt.

Along with this payment solution, JaxCorp is also looking to build a user-friendly, decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that will collect post-transaction data and feedback. The data collected will be stored on an immutable, decentralized data storage, and therefore will not be subject to bias or tampering. The post-transaction data can then be used to quantify a person or business’s level of trustworthiness and quality, this ‘human rating’ becomes incredibly useful for individuals to factor into their decision making, improving overall trust.


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